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Qazaqstan Speech and Debate Association
QSDA is an organization, working in conjunction with Alpha Academy, aiming to raise the bar for English language speech and debate in Kazakhstan through working with students and teachers alike.
We aim to provide pedagogical support for both teachers and students to more successfully train internationally competitive presenters, orators, and thinkers.
We host American (National Speech and Debate Association) style speech and debate competitions for Kazakhstani (and international) students who want to develop their speaking, presentation, and analytical thinking skills. In addition to hosting such events, we train teachers, help schools establish clubs, and empower students with leadership to make sure our students have the pedagogical and instructional support they need. Our events are not simply about certificates and trophies, but about learning skills which will serve our students for life.
About us
Our aim is to promote empathetic, critical, and analytical thinking among students, along with diligence and focus.
My name is Adam Saligman. I am from United States of America and I'm a founder of this organization, and proud to join forces with Alpha Academy to serve the students of Kazakhstan.
We host competitions, training sessions, and even camps for both students and teachers (adopting USA's National Speech and Debate instructional curriculum).
QSDA summer camp
We've prepared a new professional course and the first lesson is free. You can check it right now!
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